CheckMyMelodi™ is a personal brand that plays with the relationship between food, art and music and highlights lifestyle topics through the artistic lens of me, Jennifer (Melodi) Matthews. Firstly and above all, I am a creative. I sing, write, cook and craft as a form of self-expression. For a very long time, I struggled with narrowing down my niche in blogging, because I love to do so many diverse things that don't necessarily mesh together.

What I've since learned is that my creative projects do, in fact, relate to one another, as they all encompass who I am. My love for food, art and music happen to be equally as great! The focus of my blog is simple: all things that spark my creativity and pertain to my personal journey. Here, you can find: my vegan experience and recipes; music; art; my health and fitness journey; products that I love and use to clear my skin; DIY; travel; and all things in between! Like a journal, my content focuses on the subjects that are most relevant to my everyday life. Through transparency, I hope to inspire and help those who are on a similar journey of their own! Most importantly, I hope for this to be my fun and creative form of expression.